Lovely Places To Visit in Australia

One of the ideal getaway countries around the world is Australia. All throughout the year it is an ideal tourist’s destination. Depending on your preference and availability you can choose to visit during summer season (months of December to February), winter season (months of June to August), spring season (months of September to November) and autumn season (months of March to May). 


The below are must to visit places in Australia.

  • Sydney, Australia

One of the most famous cities in Australia is Sydney. It is also known as the very first established city in the country. Among the popular attraction in the area is the Sydney Opera House. It is a cultural and recreational center for drama presentations, entertaining ballets, musical presentations, dances and many other great activities all year. Other famous attractions in the city are the Hyde Park Barracks, Justice and Police Museum, Fort Denison, Elizabeth Bay Mansions and Vaucluse Houses. Not to be forgotten is the palatial State Theatre, where tourists and visitors can watch entertaining performances.


  • Darwin, Australia

Darwin is perfectly situated near the Timor Sea. It is known as the Northern Territory capital. Generally, it has warm climate. It also experiences rain during January to March averaging 60 inches a year. Its tropical climate attracts tourists to its scenic beaches. Other famous attractions to visit in the area are the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Galleria Arcade and Northern Territory Parliament House.  The Darwin Botanic Garden is widely known to be tourist’s focal point for viewing various tropical plants, orchid garden, palm trees and miniature rain forest. The garden also boasts its amphitheater that features the Aboriginal dance performances. 

  • Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known to be the country’s center for imports, second biggest city and one of the best getaway cities. It holds the State Parliament House, three universities, Anglican Cathedrals, Roman Catholic Churches and most of all is the state-of-the-art modern arts complex. It also boasts the Melbourne Zoo. It is founded last 1862 and known as the third oldest zoo around the world. Other attractions to see are the great foods served in the restaurants, lively summer jazz concerts, and the wild animals on display.

  • Perth, Australia

The capital and largest city of Australia is Perth. During summer season, weather is dry and hot while during winter it is cool and rainy. It is popular around the world for its reputation as the City of Lights. There are plenty of things to see and do in Perth. Among those are the lovely parks, Swan Valley vineyards and the Zoo. It also holds many impressive attractions such as clean sandy beaches and spectacular ocean views. One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Rottnest Island. It is best for kayaking and exploring the hidden bays as well as the secret beaches. It is also best to visit the city during the Fremantle Festival. During the feast; musicians, magicians and craftsmen fill the streets with outstanding performances and products.

Final Words

I would like to recommend one of the best places that you must visit. During your travel in Australia don’t miss to visit Kiama. It one of the ideal getaway places in the country. It holds many pristine beaches perfect for surfing, kayaking, boating and swimming. It also holds the second famous Blowhole around the world. Accommodations in Kiama are also easy to find.  It ranges from quite cheap to very expensive.


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