Wonders Await you in Kiama Australia

Packed with culture, noble history, art, cuisine, fashion, and design… all is great for spending holidays in Australia. Among them, the small seaside fishing town of Kiama on the South Coast in New South Wales is one of Australia’s hidden treasures.  The small resort town is located only 20 minutes from Sydney and offers a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are numerous popular beaches on the road to Kiama offering a spectacular view as you travel to the small resort town. One of the  Australia wonders and star attractions is the Kiama blowhole. The name itself is derived from the Aboriginal “kiarama” meaning a place where the sea makes noise.


The Kiama blowhole offers a unique attraction. You can watch water being sprayed to heights of up to 25m in very large quantities, a spectacular site that attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Other Kiama Australia wonders include the “Little Blowhole”, which is a miniature version of the Kiama Blowhole and is considered more reliable by many tourists as it does not drench visitors with as much water.

Some of the best places to visit in Kiama

Although the Kiama Blowhole remains a one-stop tourist destination and the star attraction of the resort town, there are many other spectacular attractions that you can see in Kiama. These include:

  • Beautiful surfing beaches along the Pacific.
  • The historic Kiama Post Office located near the Black Beach is another star attraction.  Built in 1878, it is one of the oldest buildings located on the South Coast.
  • The Terralong Street offers several amenities and attractions including the art gallery, restaurants and cafés.
  • The Kiama Lighthouse. This star attraction was built in 1887 and is located near the Blowhole Point.
  • The pelicans are another must-see of the main Kiama, Australia wonders. Even a monument has been built in their honour.

What adds to the great experience are the hotels that does not offer just those extravagant decors but good relations and service of staff who are pleasing and approachable whenever they are need. Just after you get tire yourself hoping around at daytime, the well presented Kiama accommodation awaits you for a big treat. So what else would you ask? Jump in your bed and it will be your tight sleep ever!

All the rooms are good for guests who are from far place… you could expect more of amenities such as private bathroom, telephone in every room and more. Also, get your stomach filled with great foods that were served as special and delicious dishes, whatever you like; a lot of choices are located nearby the hotels as well. Right then, nightlife cannot be separated to any city, so loved the array of bars and experience fun of funs.

Being known as one of the world’s astonishing and tranquil cities in Australia, who would not love visiting it? So welcome to one of the simple yet exciting places to visit in Kiama. For more information, Click here.

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